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The Perfect Fit

We take fitting shoes very seriously. Each time a Stride Rite of Lewisville customer visits our store their shoes are fit before they are sold. The certified fitters measure both feet (since no two are the same).

Customers are occasionally advised on a different size than what they were expecting. Different brands size differently. While the scale for foot measurements has been roughly the same for over six hundred years, the shoe sizing system has never been standardized. For this reason, the experienced fitters at Stride Rite of Lewisville recommend that you have your feet measured every time you shop for a new pair. It may seem repetitive, but any shoe fitting professional knows it’s the way to get it right.

We fit braces and custom orthotics. We carry wide and extra wide shoes to help get the best fit possible.

An ill-fitting shoe can cause several foot problems including plantar fasciitis, bunions, blisters, hammer toes, corns, and callouses.

How fast does the foot grow? First walkers (9-18 months) usually grow 2-3 sizes each year. Toddlers (18 months-3 years) usually grow 2 full sizes each year and Preschoolers (3-5 years) grow about 1-1.5 sizes a year.

Kids’ feet develop bones and arches over time, so shoes must fit and encourage healthy foot development. In first walkers, fat pads protect the soft cartilage in the young foot, but by Preschool age, natural movement turns most cartilage into bone and the arch begins to appear around age 5.

The big toe is a big deal for kids. It is very important for the child’s balance, forward motion, and arch function. Misalignment can push the whole body out of balance, which is why children’s shoes should follow the foot shape of the changing foot. They must be wide enough and long enough for a non-binding fit. The younger the child the more important wiggle room is necessary for the toes.

Getting properly measured and fitted is the first step towards achieving healthy foot development for your child.

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